Product Consultant


Department: Sales Department
Head of Department: General Manager
                                       Manager, Sales



As a Product Consultant, you will be responsible for promoting and selling printers, PaperCut Software, printing supplies, and related services to businesses and consumers. You will identify potential clients, establish and maintain relationships, and work to understand their printing needs to provide appropriate solutions. This role involves meeting sales targets, staying updated on product knowledge, and effectively communicating the features and benefits of various printer models.


2. POSITION SUMMARY: (Duties and Responsibilities)

Under the general guidance and supervision of the Sales Manager, the Product Consultant is required to:-

  1. Prospect and acquire new clients by identifying businesses and individuals in need of printing solutions.
  2. Conduct market research to identify trends, competitor activities, and opportunities for growth.
  3. Assess client requirements and recommend suitable printer models, accessories, and services to meet their needs.
  4. Provide product demonstrations and training sessions to clients to showcase printer features and functionalities.
  5. Prepare and deliver sales presentations, proposals, and quotations to prospective clients.
  6. Completion of training or other sales and marketing activities as deemed necessary by the company to successfully grow market share.
  7. Build and maintain strong relationships with existing clients through regular communication and follow-ups.
  8. Negotiate terms and finalize sales agreements, ensuring customer satisfaction and company profitability.
  9. Collaborate with internal teams, including technical support and customer service, to address client inquiries and resolve issues.
  10. Stay updated on industry developments, product advancements, and market trends to provide accurate information and advice to clients.
  11. Maintain accurate records of sales activities, client interactions, and revenue forecasts using CRM software.
  12. Attend trade shows, conferences, and networking events to promote products and expand professional networks.
  13. Continuously strive to meet or exceed sales targets and contribute to the overall growth and success of the sales team.
  14. To ensure timely collection of monies owed to the company upon invoicing of a completed job.
  15. To provide detailed and timely quotations to clients.
  16. Perform routine customer service by following up on the processing of orders, back-orders, queries / discrepancies, etc. and keep customers informed accordingly.
  17. Respond to requests from customers accurately and in a timely manner maximizing every opportunity to sell, cross sell or up sell your brand.
  18. Safeguard customer information and company trade secrets against unauthorized disclosure.
  19. Assist in any other duties which may be assigned from time to time by your Manager or any senior person acting on his/her behalf.
  20. Make recommendations to your manager wherever and whenever necessary concerning the improvement, enhancement, and/or upgrading of staff, systems, goods and equipment.


In the absence of the Product Consultant, the Sales Manager may assign someone else to act on his / her behalf.



  • General Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Director Finance & Operations
  • Product Consultants
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Field Service Technicians


This position requires good knowledge of sales, marketing and promotional skills.  A high level of decision-making and the use of one’s initiative is most important.  Excellent communication skills and strong amicable customer relationships are essential.  One must also be self-motivated and extremely quality oriented. Honesty/integrity, high productivity and time management skills are vital. Any exposure to or experience in the field of Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising would be a definite asset. The person must be Computer Literate, with a good knowledge of Microsoft Office. The incumbent must also possess good report writing skills. Any other suitable combination of qualifications and experience listed above may be acceptable.



  • 5 O’level passes including English language and Mathematics.  IT certifications will be an asset.
  • Proven experience in sales, preferably in the printing industry or related technology sectors.
  • Strong understanding of printer technology, including different types of printers, printing techniques, and consumables.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build rapport and negotiate effectively.
  • Results-oriented with a demonstrated track record of achieving sales targets and driving revenue growth.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, with a proactive and self-motivated attitude.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and CRM software.
  • Valid driver’s license and a vehicle.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer requirements.