Interactive Displays

Discover how SOLIS revolutionises business environments, hospitality, and guest experiences in Trinidad and Tobago with Samsung's cutting-edge Corporate, Hospitality, and SMART Display Solutions. Elevate your space today.

Corporate Display Solutions

SOLIS is set to transform the modern workplace in Trinidad
and Tobago by offering Samsung Electronics' latest range
of corporate display solutions. These state-of-the-art
displays, designed to enhance productivity and enable
seamless communication, are perfect for various business
environments, from lobbies to conference rooms.

Solis will provide businesses access to Samsung’s
comprehensive lineup, including versatile SMART Signage,
cutting-edge SMART LED Signage, ultra-wide and
high-resolution monitors, interactive whiteboards, and
sophisticated management solutions. These products are
specifically tailored to support dynamic collaboration and
efficient work processes, ensuring that businesses are
well-equipped to meet the demands of the digital age.
With SOLIS, companies can easily upgrade their
workspaces with innovative Samsung display solutions that
foster creativity, collaboration, and connectivity across all
corporate areas, propelling them into a future of enhanced
productivity and engagement.

QSR Display Solutions

Samsung's display solutions are transforming the Quick
Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, offering a range of
digital signage that enhances the customer experience and
streamlines operations. With everything from bright
outdoor menu boards that remain clear in any weather, to
indoor displays that bring menu items to life with dynamic
content, Samsung helps QSRS meet the demand for speed,
accuracy, and a modern dining atmosphere.

Their technology, including self-order kiosks and the
interactive Flip display, not only increases efficiency and
profits but also elevates brand perception through a
sophisticated, digitised experience, ensuring QSRS stay
competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Hospitality Sector Smart Displays

SOLIS is elevating Trinidad and Tobago's hospitality
experience by introducing Samsung's SMART Hospitality
Displays, offering an array of solutions from luxurious 8K
displays to lifestyle-oriented The Frame and The Serif,
alongside versatile Crystal UHD and FHD options. These
advanced displays not only promise premium in-room
entertainment with crystal-clear picture quality but also
enable personalised guest services and efficient hotel
management through Samsung's LYNK solution.

By integrating these innovative technologies, SOLIS aims to
enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency
across the hospitality sector, ensuring a memorable stay
for every guest.

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